Our Services

On this page you will find pricing on many of our services. If you have any questions please call us at 410-859-3269

Hot tank $65
Final wash $55
Sonic test cylinders $15/cyl
Mic cylinders $5/cyl
Magnaflux block $50
Check align bore $45
Align hone mains Starting at $175
Resurface deck, inline 4 or 6 cylinder $70, V6 or V8 $130
Resurface V6 or V8 using BHJ fixture $180
Deburr, grind for clearance $hourly
Bore and honing- 4 cyl. $140 6cyl $195 8cyl $240 (Torque plate add $5/cylinder)
Machine block for o-rings $30/cylinder
Thread repair/inserts $15/ea
Fill water jacket $150 and up

Hot tank $40
Magnaflux $30
Polish and mic $50
Shot peen $50
Chamfer oil holes $30
Grind undersize $180 and up

R&R press fit $9/ea
Clean and magnaflux $8/ea
Check big end ID $5.25/ea
Resize big ends $10/ea
Pin fit rod or piston $8/ea
Side clearance rods $7/ea
Shot peen rods, per set $75
Bore and bush pin ends $hourly
Fly cut pistons $hourly
Machine domes/piston tops $hourly
Hand finish/contour $hourly

Disassemble, degrease and evaluate $85
Pressure test aluminum head $45
Magnaflux iron head $25
Check/measure guides $2/ea
R&R guides and hone $7.50/ea
Hone guides $3/ea
Resurface $70/ea
Stock valve job $180 and up
Competition multi-angle valve job $360 and up
Machine o-ring receiver grooves $30/cylinder

*Any pricing not included on this list will be based on $70/hour labor rate.

**Credit card transactions subject to 3% surcharge

***(Valve jobs include disassemble, clean, check guides, evaluate seats, machine valves and seats, hand-lap valves, set valve heights, set valve spring pressures, final wash and assemble. Price is for heads with hydraulic lash adjusters.)