Oliver”Turbo Extreme”Billet Connecting Rods, 7 Bolt

Extreme Billet Design

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Oliver’s engineers use 3D modeling, thermal imaging and fininite element analysis to build one of the strongest rods on the market. Utilizing a parabolic I Beam design, Oliver Rods help create one of the strongest bottom ends available! Every Oliver I-Beam rod is tested to withstand 12,000 psi of push and pull force similar to what most engines see above 10,000 rpms depending upon the application!

These “Extreme Turbo” rods are approximately 6-8% beefier than the standard Olivers. Either set of rod is capable of 800+ horsepower. For extreme boost. Average Matched Rod Weight: 647 Grams All Oliver Rods use 3/8″ ARP Rod Bolt Hardware!

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Weight 8 lbs