Fully machined 4G64, 2.4L block

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Looking to build a 2.4L for your Evo but need a block? We’ve got you covered. These 4G64 blocks will arrive at your door fully machined and ready for assembly. The perfect solution for the DIY’er.

  • Core blocks are sourced from non-turbo, SOHC vehicles
  • Completely disassembled, hot tanked and cleaned
  • Align bore is checked with ARP studs
  • Cylinder walls are sonic tested to verify structural integrity
  • Deck surface is milled
  • Cylinders are bored +.020″
  • Cylinders are torque plate honed (We prefer to have your pistons here for this process to ensure accuracy)
  • Block is final washed
  • New balance shaft bearings, freeze plugs and galley plugs are installed
  • The block is painted with hi-temp engine enamel

Parts included:

  • Core 4G64 block
  • ARP main studs
  • New freeze plugs
  • Galley plug
  • Balance shaft bearings

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