Fluidampr DSM 4g63-SFI Rated

DSM, EVO 1-3 series

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JAM Spec-offers the Ultimate in harmonic control for your 2.0 4g63 engines. This is the ONLY Damper you will ever need for your 4G63 performance engine. This is not a hub but a true harmonic damper. The inertia ring inside the Fluidampr moves through a film of viscous silicone fluid, this in turn effectively controls harmonic vibration at all your engine speeds. The silicone fluid used is over 45,000 times thicker then 30 weight engine oil. This provides excellent dampening abilities, basically unaffected by temp changes it is a consistent year around piece. No maintenance and nothing to break or fail. NO! additional balancing-No re-balancing to use! a true bolt on component. Less harmonics, equal more power, a smoother running engine and longer engine life. Comes with both pulley grooves for your accessories.

It is SFI rated and approved for street and track use.

*Note: For the 1gen, 2gen and EVO 1-3 engines only, will not fit the EVO 4-9 engines*

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Weight 6.5 lbs

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