2.2 Shortblock Packages, EVO 4-9

Available for Evo 4-9

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Our 2.2 shortblock packages offer the ultimate in performance and longevity. The extra displacement provides more torque than a 2.0 and the +6mm longer rods allow the engine to rev higher than a 2.4 would. The result is a balance between brute strength and high-RPM power which is perfect for street car which sees track time on the weekends.

A suitable core block is required and a core fee is not included in the price.

The following services are performed to prepare the block for use:

  • The block is completely disassembled and hot tanked
  • Cleaned and inspected
  • Magnaflux inspected for cracks
  • The cylinders are sonic tested to verify thickness and integrity
  • ARP main studs are installed
  • The align bore is checked and recorded
  • The block is decked, square and parallel to the mains
  • The block is ┬áprecision bored
  • The cylinders are plate honed using ARP head studs
  • The blocks oil passages are then machined for improved oil flow
  • The block is then thoroughly washed for final assembly
  • The new freeze plugs and galley plug are installed
  • The new crank is inspected and micro-polished
  • Your new pistons and rods are inspected and pin fit to our specs
  • The rotating assembly is then precision balanced
  • The piston rings are file fit custom to your application
  • Both balance shafts are degrease, inspected, custom machined-clearanced to our specs, and micro polished for use
  • All dimensions and clearances are then checked and recorded
  • The rotating assembly is then installed into the machined block

The following parts are included:

  • Billet 94mm crankhaft
  • Manley Turbo Tuff 156mm rods
  • Wiseco HD pistons
  • Wrist pins, locks and file-fit rings
  • ACL rod and main bearings
  • ARP main studs

Options include:

  • ARP 11mm Head Stud Kit
  • JAM Spec-Oil Pump/Front Cover Kit
  • JAM Spec Cometic Head Gasket
  • PE Balance Shaft Belt
  • Fluidampr, SFI rated

Additional information

Weight 168 lbs