2.3 “Full Race” Shortblock, +1000whp

Our Spring Special!!
“Full-Race Hell Raiser”+1000whp

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This is our complete 2.3 Stage IV “Full Race” package. Our custom designed & “In-House” built shortblock comes with the following components and precision machine services applied to your 4g63 EVO block. Our customers experience fastest spool up, little to no lag, maximum torque and increased horse power with this precision build. Perfect for race track power demands:

  • First, we remove the block oilers, balance shaft bearings, galley plug
  • The empty block is then degrease
  • We visually inspect the entire block
  • Your block is then magnaflux inspected
  • The cylinder bores in your block are then sonic tested
  • Main bolt holes are tapped
  • Line bore specs are checked w/ARP main studs
  • We dampen the internal harmonics by filling the blocks water jacket area
  • The block is then decked parallel to the crank center line
  • The deck surface is precision machined
  • The deck holes are bottom tapped for ARP head studs
  • Each cylinder is bored over size square & parallel to the mains
  • We then custom machine your block for the 100mm stroke
  • The cylinder bores are then 4-Step Torque plated honed to our spec
  • We file fit your rings per cylinder in the block
  • We installed the cleaned oilers with new gaskets
  • Your JAM Spec-Performance coated shaft brgs are then installed
  • New core plugs, galley plug, head to block dowels are installed
  • Both of your balance shafts are cleaned, polished, Mic’d custom modified and clearanced to our spec for Race use
  • Your new billet crankshaft is cleaned magnaflux inspected checked for straight micro polished to our spec for Race use
  • Your billet rods are inspected pin-fit and clearanced to our specs
  • Your Venolia pistons are clearanced as well
  • We then precision balance these internals as a complete rotating assembly
  • All components are final washed and assembled for use

JAM Spec Full Race shortblock package will contain the following components:

  • Our custom Venolia Forged Pistons, 85.5mm bore 8.5:1cr
  • “Hard Tuff” coating on pistons
  • HD Tool Steel pins
  • Spiro Locks
  • ARP Main studs
  • JAM-Ultra File Fit Ring pkg
  • Performance coated ACL Race engine bearings
  • Performance coated thrust washer set
  • Performance coated Balance Shaft set
  • Precision balanced as a complete rotating assembly

Our custom designed and “In-House” built shortblock packages will offer you performance and superior power far above the rest.

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Weight 168 lbs