2.1 Shortblock Package for Evo 4-9 (copy)

Available for Evo 4-9

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This is the perfect option for our EVO customers who don’t have a useable 2.0 4G63 block which are becoming tough to get ahold of. The 4G64 block will work in ┬áplace of all Evo 4-9 including those equipped with the MIVEC system. This combination provides the best of both worlds; good torque and a higher RPM band than a 2.0L along with a more favorable rod/stroke ratio. ┬áThe 2.1 is built using a 4G64 block, 88mm stroke crank and +6mm long rods. All of our shortblocks are sold internally balanced and fully blueprinted. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to discuss options.

A suitable core block and crank is required, which we have available for purchase if you are unable to supply them.

The following procedures are performed to prepare the block for use:

  • The block is stripped, hot tanked, cleaned and inspected
  • ARP main studs are installed
  • Align bore is checked
  • The block is magnaflux inspected for cracks
  • They cylinder walls are sonic tested for thickness to verify integrity
  • Block surface is resurfaced to a finish of RA45, suitable for use with all MLS head gaskets
  • Cylinders are bored +.020″
  • Cylinders are honed using a torque plate and ARP head studs
  • The block is final washed
  • The crankshaft is magnaflux inspected for cracks, checked for straight, shot peened, micro polished, mic’d and final washed
  • Rotating assembly is balanced
  • New freeze plugs, balance shaft bearing and galley plug are installed
  • The block is painted using high-temp engine enamel
  • All components are final washed
  • All clearances are checked- main bearing, rod bearing, rod side clearance, pin bores, rod-to-block interference and deck heights
  • Rings are file-fit per cylinder
  • Rotating assembly is installed into the block

The following parts are included in this shortblock package:

  • Manley +6mm long h-beam rods rods with ARP 2000 rod bolts
  • Manley Platinum series pistons
  • Premium file-fit ring package
  • Wrist pins and locks
  • King XP rod and main bearings
  • King thrust washers
  • New balance shaft bearings
  • New freeze plugs, balance shaft bearings, head-to-block dowels and galley plug

Options include:

  • Manley or K1 crank
  • Manley Turbo Tuff rods
  • Oliver billet I-beam rods
  • Wiseco HD pistons
  • Venolia custom pistons
  • ACL Race bearings



  • Please note:***GOOD CORES ARE REQUIRED*** Additional core charge of $1175 (price includes usable block, crank, balance shafts)will apply if you do not supply us with a core for your build. If the crank is not usable, an additional charge of $625 will be applied. We must receive your core before your order ships otherwise you will be charged the cores fees on the shipment date. We will refund these fees upon receipt of a usable core within 30 days.

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Weight 168 lbs